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About Pain and Trauma Clinic

Pain and Trauma Clinic offer a wide range of counselling and psychotherapy services for adults, families, couples and children. We provide an empathic and supportive environment in which people can explore their problems and learn how to achieve their desired goals.

We have clinics based in both Parramatta and Bankstown in the western Sydney district. Our experienced and friendly team are dedicated to excellence in mental health, helping people of all ages and all walks of life to lead emotionally richer and happier lives. We actively provide supportive, professional help to assist and improve mental health and wellbeing.

When any why should you seek help?

Anyone can benefit from psychological services which can enhance and improve mental and physical quality of life. The pressures of living or stress can take its toll in different ways. There may be a wide range of feelings and emotions that act as flags, indicating that you or another may need to seek help to begin to make more positive changes in your or their life.

Below are some examples of feelings and situations that you can ask yourself or a loved one which can assist you to identify a mental problem or issue. Many people believe they don’t have problems that deserve attention. Better resolutions and outcomes to these problems can be achieved with the correct psychological support and assistance.

  • Are you anxious about work?
  • Are you eating too little or too much?
  • Are you drinking alcohol excessively?
  • Do you feel that your self-confidence is low?
  • Are you finding that your happiness levels are low and you are just coasting along, trying to cope?
  • Are you feeling alone?
  • Are you confused about your true direction in life?
  • Is your anger towards others and the world overwhelming you?
  • Are your fears holding you back from the person you know you can truly be?
  • Are you going through a difficult emotional period in your life?
  • Do you feel you have no one to confide in?

Overcoming challenging situations

Counselling and Psychological help can help you find your right path and inner balance, by providing you with constructive strategies for managing and dealing with emotional problems and difficulties and overcoming challenging situations.

Pain and Trauma Clinic have helped many people suffering from a wide range of anxieties and problems, and have effectively and gently helped people to live more centred and balanced lives with a greater sense of self-awareness.

If you are looking for beneficial, effective professional psychological counselling services. We can and will help, guide and support you towards positive change. Call the friendly team at Pain and Trauma Clinic today on Phone: 02 9709 5666 or email us for more information.

Pain and Trauma Clinics

The Pain and Trauma Clinics are located in Parramatta and Bankstown in in the western Sydney district.

Bankstown Clinic
Level 1, 17 Kitchener Pde
NSW 2200, Australia

Parramatta Clinic
Suite 515, Level 5, The Office Tower, Westfield, NSW 2150

Phone : 02 9709 5666
Fax : 02 9709 5677